Coronavirus, a disease that has shaken the world

If there is a disease that does not make an exception to anyone, it is the coronavirus abbreviated covid-19. Invisible to the naked eye, but if it has devastated an entire family, it is dangerous and it is imperative to take measures seriously. Without procrastination, let's address its spread and how to avoid it.

Coronavirus: its spread and the measures to follow

This disease affecting the respiratory tract is spread by direct or indirect contact with someone already infected. Directly, if you give your hand to an infected person and put your hand to your mouth, nose, and eyes without washing your hands with soap and water, you have contracted the disease. Indirectly, if you share the same objects with someone who has the virus without washing your hands, you will also get the disease. These objects can be door handles, money, tables, and common areas. On the sites, we suggest that you regularly wash your hands with soap and water after each contact with money taken from someone else or any object for non-personal use. Also, stay at least one meter away from each other in public places and wear your mask as soon as you are not alone.

Coronavirus: how to prevent it and posture in case of contamination

To prevent the disease, you must always wear your mask (disposable or not) before approaching someone and stay away from anyone who sneezes or coughs. Then, it is necessary to accept the self-containment once you feel that it is not going well (difficulty in breathing, fever, cough, etc.) and then contact the health services to be taken care of or to have advice. In addition to that, the respect of hand hygiene, i.e. the systematic washing of hands and the use of hydro-alcoholic gel must be rigorous. However, in case of contamination, it is necessary to quarantine without contact with anyone and to follow the advice of doctors in this matter.