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Some tips for choosing and installing a bathroom mirror

An important tool for a bathroom is a mirror. You certainly can't do without it. But hanging it is quite difficult, especially if you do it yourself. Here are 3 tips for choosing and installing a bathroom mirror.

Consider the height

Finding the right height for your mirror is very important. To learn more, click on this important link. You need to rely mainly on the growth of the inhabitants of the house. To start with, you need to measure the height of the tallest member of the family. The height of the top edge depends on this. It should be 20 to 30 centimetres taller than his height at your discretion.

Choosing a good location

It should be kept in mind that at a low position, permanent splashes and drips on the mirror are expected. In general, experts advise standing back from the sink by about 20-25 centimetres. Often, homeowners decide to hang the mirror at the height of the door frame. It looks quite harmonious and comfortable. In addition, you should easily wipe the surface and reach the top. And the last point to consider when determining the height of the mirror is the tiles in your bathroom. It may have a certain pattern, and here you should already act according to aesthetic considerations, so that the mirror integrated into your tile is pleasing to the eye.

Choose the shape that suits everyone

It all depends on individual preferences. But there are also certain standards. For example, a rectangular shape is considered the most practical for a bathroom. It looks quite modern, suitable for any interior. Now you don't even need to frame them, and the integrated backlighting would be the best solution. This solution will be especially convenient for women who therefore need extra lighting for make-up. The rectangular mirror has the ability to enlarge the space. So if your bathroom is small, there is simply no better solution. Oval mirrors are more aesthetic. They are usually hung in classic style bathrooms. Today, frameless options are very popular, but original design solutions are also welcome. Oval or round mirrors are suitable for rooms of all sizes. They smooth out corners perfectly, clean up the space and add comfort.