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What are the reasons why you should install a rainwater harvesting system?

The earth is covered with water but the quantity of water is still low which causes the lack of this commodity in some areas. Thus, it is highly recommended to invest in a rainwater harvesting system to be erected at home. This constitutes many advantages that you will discover here.

To recover rainwater constitutes an ecological advantage

Water is a natural liquid that the earth stores thanks to the various precipitations that take place during the year. Nevertheless, some regions do not have it when you consult this directory. Indeed, it is a substance that we need to live. Therefore, managing to store rainwater could lead to the reduction of water use per concession and thus protect our planet. To reach our homes, water is primarily collected from the water table, which is hundreds of kilometers below the ground in some places. In order to be consumed, it must necessarily be treated beforehand. After consuming this water, it is again unfit for consumption. At this moment, it must be made clean so the use of chemicals is put to contribution. A process that is very expensive for the environment.

How to use rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting tanks allow you to have water but also to be able to remove some impurities to be used for other things. In an outdoor space like a garden, you need at least 17 liters of water per m2. If you use rainwater for example, your plants will benefit. Also, rainwater could be used to level a swimming pool or to wash vehicles to help you save 190 liters of drinking water. Also, indoors, rainwater could be used for certain household tasks. Flushing toilets consumes at least 25% to 35% of drinking water. In other words, you can replace this water with rainwater to save on your annual water bill. We also invite you to do your laundry and wash the floor with rainwater.