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What do you need to know about emergency medical evacuation?

Medical evacuation, also known as "MEDEVAC", refers to the transport of patients from one place in the world to another due to lack of medical expertise at the scene. Emergency situations and the use of dedicated vehicles are part of the medevac concept. This is done by land or air, and the medical team takes care of the patient during the transport.

Mode of transport adapted to health conditions

Depending on the health condition of the patient and the medical evacuation route, different modes of transport can be selected:

Air ambulance: It is particularly suitable for patients with critical health conditions. An air ambulance can be made available on the same day or the next day. The flight is fast, safe, direct and comfortable. The medical staff and professional equipment provide the same care as the intensive care units of the best hospitals.
Airliner: only suitable for people with mild illnesses who are in a healthy and stable condition. Airline travel is an economical choice. If necessary, accompanying medical staff should carry emergency first aid kits, patient medication and respirators. The patient can sit or lie down to travel depending on their health problems.
Medical helicopter: very suitable for hospital-to-hospital transfer, unfortunately the medical helicopter is only suitable for short journeys.
Ambulances and vsl: economical alternatives, ambulances and vsl are only suitable for stable patients and for travel within a country or between two neighbouring countries.
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The reasons that may motivate a medical evacuation

In order to perform evasan, the doctor first needs a medical report from the attending doctor practising in the facility where the patient is located. Reasons for medical evacuation may be lack of technical equipment, absence of family members on site or lack of qualified personnel to treat the patients.