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What do you need to know about timelapse?

Have you ever heard of timelapse without knowing its meaning? Taking a picture every second, and assembling them to make a movie: that's what it's all about. However, we will develop here some ideas about the use of timelapse. That being :

In what context should timelapse be used?

First of all, a timelapse is used to show what it is impossible to observe at real speed. Thus, a timelapse, in a simple way, is a technique that consists of taking a photo at a regular time interval to make a movie. To learn more about the timelapse technique, you can check our source here. It will certainly describe to you a kind of time-lapse that one would not see with the naked eye while standing in the same place. In this regard, this captivating art form helps to revive traditional landscape photography. Moreover, timelapse by its aestheticism and originality has the ability to capture the attention of an audience. In addition, it allows to dynamize a promotional or communication video. Therefore, it is a good communication and marketing tool.

What are the areas in which timelapse can be used?

Timelapse is an accelerated effect, performed on a large series of shots of the same place at regular intervals. Indeed, it is used in several fields such as photography (mainly wildlife) and in cinema (the timelapse here, is used to show an evolution, the passing of time, a transition between two scenes).

What do we need to make a timelapse?

The important and necessary elements to make a timelapse are: a camera, and a tripod to avoid the slightest change in framing since it is a basic equipment that will prove to be just as essential to make a transition between day and night. However, it is also necessary to foresee in his equipment, a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens. Let's also note that the shutter release is an accessory to absolutely have in his equipment to avoid vibrations and involuntary movements.

Finally, when you take long shots with your camera, the battery can be discharged, because of the successive shots but also because of the time interval between them. So remember to always carry a spare battery to avoid unpleasant surprises.