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What you need to know about laptop adapters

Many people find it difficult to find the right power adapter for their laptop. It is not complicated, but there are some important aspects to consider. Power adapters are often neglected, which leads to damage. Broken cables, damaged plugs or lost devices force us to replace them. Our guide will help you choose the right power adapter.

What is the power rating of the charger ?

This is a value expressed in watts (W), in other words, the maximum power that the charger can deliver to your laptop. You will find here the originals adapter for samsung laptop. We'll let you in on a secret: this value is simply the result of the following calculation: Charger power (W) = Charger voltage (V) x Charger amperage (A). If you have a charger with a voltage of 19 V and a current of 4.74 A, the maximum power is 19*4.74 = 90, which means that the best charger for your computer is one with a maximum power of 90 watts.

How do I choose a power adapter for my laptop ?

If you want to buy a compatible power supply, you need to take into account the parameters and type of the outlet.  The voltage of the power supply in volts (V) must match the value indicated on the laptop (theoretically there is a tolerance of 1 V, but this is not always the case). The current value in amperes (A) indicates the maximum electrical load flow through the power supply. This parameter should not be lower than the value required by the computer, but it can be higher. 

Using a power supply with too low a current value can even damage the computer, as the components will not receive enough current in this case. Power, expressed in watts (W), is the product of voltage and current. Since current is expressed in amperes, power in watts can be higher, but not lower, than the power required by the computer. When choosing a power supply, you should also pay attention to the plug. There are dozens of types of plugs on the market today, and they differ depending on the manufacturer and model of the laptop.